We have a large reclining sofa and every time I put the foot rest back down (which takes some force), the sofa scoots back on my laminate floor. Not only does it annoy me because then I have to reposition the sofa, but it’s starting to scratch my floor. Help!!

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4 Comments to “How can I keep my reclining sofa from slipping on my laminate floor?”

  1. Tracy says:

    There are little rubber feet for your sofa that you can get from Home Depot

  2. sanddancer says:

    I bought four plastic cups that fit under the rollers also done my bed as that was doing the same. Only cost a couple of pounds.
    Get them at furniture shops/DIY places.

  3. John Black says:

    get an office style plastic mat. At like office depot or staples

  4. AdL says:

    Quick and inexpensive fix… The rubber mats used to prevent carpets and throw rugs from slipping. Cut to fit under the legs of the sofa. Apply with a little rubber cement if you have a difficult time getting them to stay in place.

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