I have a free floating laminate floor.There are noticable seams that i would like to fill in and blend the floor to where the seams are practically unnoticable.Any help?

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4 Comments to “whats the best way to fill in seams on a laminate floor?”

  1. rob s says:

    Some things wrong if you have noticeable seams. Because of the movement in a floating floor nothing will hold. These seams are ment to be tight and if not they are not put together all the way or coming apart. If you can find a caulk that is your only hope. Any type of filler will harden and just crack out. Hope you can find out as to why you have noticeable cracks at the seams GL

  2. Don says:

    I think the little jars of colored "wood" putty that the hardware store or lumberyard have would be right here, that’s what I’ve used. You can’t use regular wood fillers because they require sanding and restaining.

  3. Scanner says:

    Try a caulk. You could use a body putty plastic scraper to smooth it if you need to. Depending on the color you could use liquid nails (which is fine btw) so that is brown, mortar caulk is grey (that is also okay because it is latex based), Dap Alex caulk with silicone (white) or something a little stronger b/c that stuff is cheap.

    You did not say the color of the floor, or how big the gaps were.

  4. Edawg says:

    How old is the flooring?, if its new did you let it sit in the room for at least 72 hours before the install??, doing this allows the laminate to acclimate to the temperature of the room before its installed, if its installed before it acclimates to the room temperature, then it acclimates on the floor after its installed which is why you may be getting the large gaps in the seams?.

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